# Getting Started

We want you to have an awesome experience building themes for Shoperb. We believe that best way to support our fellow developers is by following a from developer to developer approach.

When you have any questions about our themes, app development or API then come join us on Shoperb Developers chat on Gitter (opens new window) and we'll try to help you out.

# Theme Editor

Shoperb Theme Editor is a ruby gem created to make building Shoperb themes easier. Only on macOS and Linux based operating systems are supported today. Windows is currently not tested by our team but may be working.

# Installation

First you need to have Ruby installed on your system. You can check if you already have Ruby on your system by executing $ ruby -v command in terminal.

If you don't have Ruby then installing Ruby using RVM (opens new window) is pretty straightforward.

# Project Setup


Basic understanding of how to navigate in file structure and edit files in macOS or Linux terminal is required.

Examples assume that theme folder is located at ~/Projects/Shoperb-Themes/[theme-name]

# Gemfile

You should create a file named 'Gemfile' in project folder using your favourite console based editor like Vim or Nano.
No extension needed, and capitalization is important.

vim Gemfile

Following content should be copy-pasted into Gemfile.

source "https://rubygems.org"
gem "shoperb-theme-editor", github: "shoperb/theme-editor"
gem "artisans", "~> 2.0",  github: "shoperb/artisans"
gem "shoperb_liquid", github: "shoperb/shoperb-liquid"

# Install gems with Bundler using console

bundle install

# Confirm that Shoperb Theme Editor was successfully installed

shoperb --help

If everything went well you can now start creating your Shoperb Theme. In the unfortunate case where shoperb --help does not output anything or gives an error message, get in touch with us on Shoperb Themes channel (opens new window) and we'll help you out.

Now that you have shoperb --help working we can pull and sync products from our store. Make sure that you've logged in your store beforehand and in case you manage multiple stores, you've chosen that store in admin.

# Download store theme files

shoperb pull

When first running shoperb pull command, you will be asked for store domain. This is the subdomain that you pick for your store. To confirm which subdomain is assigned to your store please check Shoperb domain settings (opens new window) first.

Once you have provided store domain, browser window will be opened to ask for permissions to access the store. After allowing, your download will start.